Oil Bee (Hard Wax)

High resistance oil-wax mixture for wood
Volume 3L


Product containing vegetable and synthetic oils and beeswax, which gives the wood a natural and uniform appearance, giving excellent water repellency, hardness and softness to the touch. OIL BEE, thanks to its high coverage and its excellent penetrating power, is recommended for all wooden products.


Application temperature: +10°C ÷ +25°C

Application: Buffing machine – Brush Cloth – 4 mm mohair Roller

Industrial: rubber roller 18/30 shore

Thinning (if necessary): Turpentine, Diluente DRV 1

Coverage: 1L / 30-35 m² (Single disk machine);

60-80 g/m² (mohair roller 4mm);

Depending on the type of equipment (roller machine)

Dust dry: 3 h

Fingerprint dry: 6 h

Sanding: 24 h

Gloss level: GL 05 – GL 20

Tool cleaning: Diluente DRV 1